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Lawn Fertilization for the Louisville Kentucky Area


ertilzation for your lawn is the best way to insure that your lawn has all the basic elements necessary for optimal growth, particularly the root system. Deep roots means your lawn will be healthier, better able to withstand droughts, and other stresses we commonly see here in the Louisville area.

Our specially designed fertilizers are blended to release nutrients slowly, over a long period of time, providing the necessary elements that your lawn needs. Our goal in applying fertilizer is to give your grass the right nutrients at the right time of the year without creating excessive top growth that requires additional mowing.

Too much fertilizer at the wrong time of the year can create serious problems for your lawn. Our trained and licensed technicians know when to apply the right mix of nutrients, at the right time.

Too little fertilizer over a period of time, reduces a soil's capacity to produce the right compounds that your turf grass needs to manufacture food, and to grow a strong root system. This results in a decrease in the lawn's health, the turf grass thins, the soil becomes compacted from reduced microbe activity and all of this invites invasive weeds to take root and become an ongoing problem.

As part of our regular fertilization program, we also recommend that homeowners not bag their clippings if they follow proper lawn maintenance practices. (see our mowing section for more maintenance information) Grass clippings contain lots of nitrogen, and when you leave those clippings on the lawn after mowing, these clippings eventually breakdown and release their store nitrogen back into the soil.

Mulching grass clippings back into the lawn is known as grass cycling. Most modern mowers have this feature. Rather than discharging the cuttings into a bag, the clippings are chopped again before falling harmlessly into your lawn. Even though the small clippings left behind are virtually invisible, they do promote the long-term health of your soil by adding additional organic material. Grass cycling can return as much as 30 percent of the nitrogen required by grasses for proper nutrition.

Balanced fertilizer programs for turf grass improve everyone's healthy environment.


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You may have heard these initials in relation to fertilizer. This is what they mean:

Nitrogen: (N) Boosts growth and green color of turf

Phosphorous: (P) Feeds grass seedlings and turf root development

Potassium: (K) Strengthens a lawn's resistance to drought and disease


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