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Louisville Lawn Insect Problems


healthy lawn needs insects. They are an important part of our eco-system that must be maintained for everyone's benefits. However, there are a few insects that cause serious lawn and landscape damage that they should be addressed.

Probably the biggest insect problem we face in the Louisville area are grubs. Grubs cause problems in two different ways, both can be serious not only for the looks of your lawn and landscape, but also the health of the lawn.

Grubs are the larval stage of the Japanese Beetle and as its name suggests, it was not a native insect to North America. It was first found in the United States in a nursery in southern New Jersey over 80 years ago. In its native Japan, where the beetle's natural enemies keep its populations in check, this insect is not a serious plant pest. But here in the states, there are no natural enemies of the Japanese beetle and it has run amuck across the country.

Japanese Beetle is a serious threat to lawn and landscape plants.

Japanese beetle identification

The adult Japanese beetle is a little less than 1/2" long and has a shiny, metallic-green body and bronze-colored outer wings. The beetle has 6 small tufts of white hair along the sides and back of its body under the edges of its wings. The males usually are slightly smaller than the females. You are most likely to see the adults in late spring or early summer.

Large infestations of Japanese beetles can completely de-leaf a healthy plant in just a week or so. However, this is not the worst part.


When the Japanese beetle mates, the female lays her eggs (one female will lay between 40 - 60 eggs over a period of weeks) in the soil of your lawn. When the eggs hatch, the young grubs begin to feed. Each grub is about an 1" long when fully grown and lies in a curled position. In late autumn, the grubs burrow down 4" — 8" into the soil and remain inactive all winter. This insect then spends about 10 months of the year in the ground in the larval stage.

It is in late summer when the grub begins to feed that the damage is caused to your lawn. The feeding grubs actually eat through your lawn's root system, then moves on to the next plant.

Grassy-Green can control grubs

We have a special grub control treatment that will attack the grubs when they are most vulnerable and before they can cause damage to your valuable lawn. This treatment only goes after the grubs and does not harm all the other beneficial insects that lives in your soil.


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Sod Webworms are an emerging threat to Kentucky homeowners.

The sod webworm is beginning to make inroads into the Louisville area. At present it is not a serious problem, but we will continually monitor its activity in our customer's lawns.

The best way to keep sod webworms from becoming a problem is taking preventative measures such as aeration and thatch reduction, plus keep your lawn in the best possible health.

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