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Controlling Turfgrass Lawn Weeds


eed control is another important part of our lawn care service. If you have problems with crabgrass, dandelions or other broadleaf-type weeds, our trained and licensed technicians will treat them.

Weeds have always been a problem for homeowner's lawns. Usually when we see large weed infestations, it's a signal that there are other problems with the lawn than just the weeds.

Dandelion weed seeds

Weeds are very opportunistic and can grow under conditions that most other desirable turf grasses can't grow. Weed seeds can lay dormant in the soil for years, just waiting for the right conditions to germinate. They can also come to your lawn on the wind. Dandelion seeds are a very good example of how this particular weed has adapted to spread. Bird droppings also can spread weed seeds.

Buckhorn Plantain Weed

The Grassy-Green
Weed Control Program

Our weed control program is 3 pronged. First, we will spot treat for all weeds that we see throughout the growing cycle. This will help eliminate most of the weeds you're likely to see in your lawn. Next, in the spring, we will apply a protective barrier to the soil's surface that will effectively stop the development of most weed seeds found in your soil such as crabgrass.

And finally, our lawn care program is designed to improve your soil, making it a better place for turf grass roots to thrive and grow to such an extent that the grass actually shades the soil, and prevents the weed seeds from germinating. Thin lawns allow sunlight to reach the soil, and thus create the ideal sprouting conditions for the weed seeds.

Our optional aeration service also helps improve the clay soil that we have here in Kentucky further improving the growing conditions for your lawn. Combined with our regular optimized fertilizer schedule, the Grassy-Green lawn will be a thick, healthy and vigorous lawn that will over-power most weeds. Call us today for a free estimate to create the ideal environment for your lawn.


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Weed problems that can be controlled by Grassy-Green, LLC

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