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Proper Lawn Watering for Healthier Lawns in the Louisville Kentucky area


ometimes, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate in providing enough water at the right time throughout the growing season. At times when the rains don't fall you may want to consider additional water. If this is the case, to get the best results, water deeply in the early morning.

Deep watering reaches the roots the important root system responsible for healthy grass. When a lawn only gets infrequent and shallow watering the roots tend to grow closer to the surface and are more easily damaged through hot dry spells. It would be better not to water your lawn at all than to follow a watering schedule that only applies a small portion of the 1" per week most lawns need during the growing season.

You also don't want to over-water your lawn. Your lawn only needs about 1" of water a week to survive. Providing more than this through irrigation is not only wasteful, but it may cause problems for the lawn.

Don't water the street, sidewalk, or driveway!

Lawn Watering

Best time to water your lawn

The best time to water is early in the morning, when evaporation rates are lowest and water pressure is at its peak. Irrigating in the afternoon is wasteful because of higher evaporation rates. Watering in the evening creates a prolonged damp condition that may encourage disease development.


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Lawn water is critical to healthy grass.

Turf fertilization contributes greatly to lawn color, density, uniformity, and growth. Properly fertilized grass can compete with weeds and is able recover from damage caused by environmental stresses faster than improperly fertilized lawns.

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